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Myxx-e, the lil ravin' DJ's Journal
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Sunday, August 19th, 2001
10:53 am
it was then!

Current Mood: artistic
Wednesday, August 15th, 2001
6:47 pm
...it starts...
mmm mmm mmm, damn ya'll, guess what! lol I alredy have a date for the prom...AND ITS ONLY THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! OMG!!! lol. so yeah, today was the first day of school, I saw all my old peoples and emily didn't look or act pregnant...and damn, she rides my bus. but I'm not gona be mean to her..I guess i have no real reason to be...cept to have fun lol. well I met this really strong & cute grrl(Amanda-though not our amanda but still) and she carreyed me around, lol. lots of fun. me and samatha are going to prom, lol, I had no choice! lmao..LMGDAO!!! shes cute lol. omg! PIXIE RIDES MY BUS!!! I'm so happy about that! every morning shes gona walk to my house and catch the bus at my stop! lol thismorning she walked in my house while I was in the shower and when I came out I was just in a towel and she screamed: "TAKE IT OFF!" right in front of my parents!! >O.O< lol
...my mom is yellin at me..I'll post more later

much love ya'll
up and there



Current Mood: predatory
Wednesday, August 8th, 2001
10:10 pm

Current Mood: high
Monday, July 30th, 2001
1:59 am
Raver lesson of the day
The shit ain't over till the last record spins

Up and There,


Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, July 28th, 2001
11:24 pm
...I am in love...
I've known her for a while but I truly met her today...oh my jezis!! let me tell you about her!!:

she like to be low so I have to bring her up.
she spends lots of time on tables...when ever I'm not carrying her.
When I turn her on she lights up
When I'm near her theres always a show
We are very close, I can touch her anywhere and no one will say anything!
She has 2 big things easy to see! know what they are?? there are dots in the middle that poke out!
When I push her she speeds up, and when I hold her she slows down!
And when I play with her...oh my goddess...when I play with her people FUCKING LOVE IT!!!

so I say this now!! she lives in a coffin and loves to play with me, her lights come on when I ture her on, omg what could she be?

I hook her up with eveything I can..and soon...very very soon...a new mixer in between!!




Current Mood: hyper
8:28 pm
the sounds of music
::trumpets and horns, and drums and bass(>^.~<), and trip and hop!!!::
:an announcer stands infront of an overly rowdy crowd and speaks in a husky voice::
Yes yes! Today we celebrate!!! MINA!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINA!!! ::he leads the crowd in song "Happy Birthday to Mina::

lol, happy birthday Mina!!!
Best of wishes on another year!



Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, July 25th, 2001
1:50 am
"...but you alredy know what I'm going to tell you..."
whenever I'm alone with you
you make me feel like I am home again
whenever I'm alone with you
you make me feel like I am whole again
whenever I'm alone with you
you make me feel like I am young again
whenever I'm alone with you
you make me feel like I am fun again

however far away
I will always love you
however long I stay
I will always love you
whatever words I say
I will always love you
I will always love you

whenever I'm alone with you
you make me feel like I am free again
whenever I'm alone with you
you make me feel like I am clean again

however far away
I will always love you
however long I stay
I will always love you
whatever words I say
I will always love you
I will always love you

~The Cure

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, July 22nd, 2001
11:52 am
last night I belive I had the most diturbing dream!! It started out that me and Kryssie were on a boat...and so was NEPOLIAN!!! we saidled and fought the Russians or somthing like that..I aimd the guns at boats BUT WE COULDNT SEE ANYTHING unless we looked straight up!! then we crashed into a houes that was being attacked by a monster! We saved the house then looked at the sea from which we come...it was gone, the only ocean left was a little over the size of a lake. We made our way into the house were there was a party! WTF?? so we joined...EVERYONE was there!! but oddly the only people that wernt were: Sean Amanda Tanya Shannon and Jermain...again WTF? So anyway, some stuff happend(I don't remeber the details but it was pretty boring and every thing started to get very cynical and serious). Then, some how or another, I ended up talking to a doctor...he told me I had one hour to live...I cryed for about 30 minutes then an old crush of mine came into the house...then every one found out that I was going to die soon so they all got sypethetic and I cryed more...somehow there was a clock that told me how long I had left...it reach 2 seconds...I was ballin'...then I woke of in a cold sweat...that was very strange and now I'm not sure how long I'll be around...maybe an hour may be a million years...I'm not affraid of death, but I'm not ready to accept it for myself...I mean come on now!! I haven got to hold Shy yet >^.~< So that was my dream...odd odd odd...but damn I'm all nervous now...lol thats okay..I just wont talk to any doctors!
Last night I stayd up till 4 RPing >^.^<
I havent done that in forever! its shuch a relife from the rest of the world.

Well I have to ba at work around 2 today I belive so Kryssie, call me there; and Amanda, call me there!

I love you guys!

Lovingly yours,



Current Mood: indescribable
2:27 am
filipno test
(After doing this I have found that I am not Filipno...but are you? give it a try...lol)

Scoring: Give yourself 3 points if you can relate to the following characteristics,

give yourself 2 points if it relates to an immediate family member (mom or dad),

and 1 point if you know someone who has the characteristic.

Mannerisms and Personality Traits

You point with your lips.

You eat using your hands and have it down to technique.

Your other piece of luggage is a balikbayan box.

You nod your head upward to greet someone.

You put your foot up on your chair and rest your elbow on your knee while eating.

You use a rock to scrub yourself in the bath or shower.

You have to kiss your relatives on the cheek as soon as you enter the room.

You're standing next to eight big boxes at the airport.

You collect items from hotels or restaurants "for souvenir's sake."

Your house has a distinctive aroma.

You smile for no reason.

You flirt by having a foolish grin on your face while raising your eyebrows repeatedly.

You go to a department store and try to bargain the prices.

You use an umbrella for shade on hot summer days.

You scratch your head when you don't know the answer.

You never eat the last morsel of food on the table.

You go bowling.

You play pusoy and mahjong.

You find dried up morsels of rice stuck to your shirt.

You prefer to sit in the shade instead of baking in the sun.

You add an unwarranted "H" to your name, i.e. "Jhun," "Bhoy," or "Rhon."

You put your hand in front of you as if to make a path and say "Excuse, excuse" when you pass in between people or in front of them.

Your middle name is your mother's maiden name.

You buy tons of bath towels when they go on sale.

You love to buy sale items even when you do not need them.

You are a member of the "SDK" Club. (Samahang double knit).

You are still wearing outdated clothing you have when you first came to USA.

You send out RSVP invitation even if the party is to be at home.

You love to wear all you expensive jewelry's when attending parties to the extent of having

2-3 rings on both hands, 3 pieces of necklace or bracelets at the same time.


You say "comfort room" instead of "bathroom."

You say "for take out" instead of "to go."

You "open" or "close" the lights.

You ask for "Colgate" instead of "toothpaste."

You ask for a "pentel pen" or a " ball pen" instead of just a pen.

You refer to the refrigerator as the "ref" or "pridyider."

You say kodakan instead of "take a picture."

You order a "McDonald's" instead of a "hamburger" (pronounced ham-booh-jer).

You say "Ha?" instead of "What?"

You say "Hoy!" to get someone's attention.

You answer when someone yells "Hoy!"

You turn around when someone says "Psst."

You say "Cutex" instead of "nail polish."

You say "for a while" instead of "please hold" on the telephone.

You say "aray!" instead of "ouch!"

You say "he," when you mean "she" and vice versa.

Your sneeze sounds like "ahh-ching" instead of "ahh-choo."

You prefer to make acronyms for phrases such as "OA" for over-acting,

"DOM" for dirty old man, and TNT from well you know.

You say "air-con" instead of "a/c" or air conditioner.

You pronounce the following words: "hippopo-TA-mus," "com-FOR-table," "bro-CO-li,"

"and "Mongomerry Ward."

You say "brown-out" instead of "blac-out."

You say "Uy!" instead of "Oops."

You pronounce "F" for "P" or "P" for "F."

Home Furnishings

You use walis tambo and walis ting-ting as opposed to the conventional broom.

You have "Weapons of Moroland" shield hanging in your living room wall.

You have a portrait of "The Last Supper" hanging in your dining room wall.

You own a karaoke system.

You own a piano no one ever plays.

Your house is cluttered with borloloys.

You have a "tabo" in the bathroom.

You have a rose garden.

You have two or three pairs of tsinelas at your doorstep.

You display a big laughing Buddha for good luck.

You have a shrine to the Santo Nino in your living room.

You own a "Barrel Man" (shwing!)

You have a parol hanging outside the house during the holidays.

Your lampshades still have the plastic covers on them.

You cover your living room furniture with bed sheets.

You have plastic runners to cover the carpet in your house.

You refer to the VCR as the "Beytamax."

You have a rice dispenser.

You own a turbo broiler.

You own one of those fiber-optic lower lamps.

You own a lamp with the oil that drips down the strings.

You have a giant wooden fork and spoon hanging in the dining room.

You have wooden tinikling dancers on the wall.

You own capiz chandeliers, lamps, or placemats.


You own a Mercedes Benz and call it "chedeng."

You own a huge van conversion.

Your car chirps like a bird or plays a tune when it's in reverse.

Your car horn makes three or more different sounds.

Your car has curb feelers on it.

You hang a rosary on your car's rear view mirror.

You have those air fresheners in a bottle.


You have aunts and uncles named "Baby," "Girlie," or "Boy."

You were raised to believe that every Filipino has an aunt, uncle, or cousins.

Your dad was in the navy.

Your mom or sister is a nurse.

You get smelling kisses from your grandma.

Your parents call each other "mommy" and "daddy."

You have a family member that has a nickname that repeats itself,

i.e. "Deng-deng," "Ling-ling," or "Juhn-juhn."


You put hot dogs in your spaghetti.

You consider dilis the Filipino equivalent of french fries.

You think that eating chocolate rice pudding and dried fish is a great morning meal.

You order things like tapsilog, or tocilog at restaurants.

You instinctively grab a toothpick after a meal.

You dip bread in your morning coffee.

You refer to seasonings and all other forms of MSG as "Ajinomoto."

Your cupboards are full of corned beef, hash, spam, and Vienna Sausages.

"Goldilocks" means more to you than just a character in a fairy tale.

You appreciate a fresh pot of rice.

Your baon is usually something over rice.

You bring baon to work everyday.

Your neighbors complain about the smell of tuyo on Sunday mornings.

You eat rice for breakfast.

You use your fingers to measure the water when cooking rice.

You wash and re-use plastic utensils and Styrofoam cups.

You have a supply of frozen lumpia in the freezer.

You have an ice-shaver for making halo-halo.

Your tablecloths have tell-tale "tuyo circles" on them

You eat purple yam-flavored ice cream.

You gotta have a bottle of Julran handy.

You fry Spam and hot dogs and eat them with rice.

You think half-hatch duck eggs are a delicacy.

You know that "chocolate meat" isn't really made with chocolate.

259-345 points: Welcome to America. Judging from your high score, you are an obvious transplant from the Philippines. There's no doubt what your ethnic identity is. You're Filipino, through and through.

173-258 points: Congratulations, you've retained most of the Filipno traits and tendencies your family instilled in you.

172 and under: You have OFT (Obvious Filipino Tendencies). Go with the flow to reach full Filipino potential.
Prepare for assimilation; resistance is futile.

Current Mood: indescribable
1:24 am
The mirror told me so...
I looked at myself in the mirror today.
I was on the phone for two hours talking to a friend about heavy shit.
I walked outside into the bright sunlight.
I came back in.
I got my dog, to take her out.
I looked at myself in the mirror, back by the door.
I actually saw myself.
I liked what I saw.
I felt what I saw.
I felt me from the inside
projecting onto the me outside.
I was pretty.
I was gentle.
I was young and innocent and slightly cynical,
but smart.
I know things
and I'm going to do all right.
I think everything is going to be okay.
I promise to take care of myself.
I'm going to be what I need to be.
No more scars.
No more fasts.
No more binge drinking.
I think everything is going to be all right.
Don't push me to be passionate.
Let me flow along the river of my life
gently, caressing the water,
letting my ripples touch those around me.
Let me be
and my peace shall
extend towards you.

Current Mood: good
Thursday, July 19th, 2001
10:49 pm
for <3 Shybear <3
When the visions around you
Bring tears to your eyes
And all that surrounds you
Are secrets and lies

I'll be your strength
I'll be your hope
Keeping the faith when it's gone
The one you should call
Standing here all alone

And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
'Til the day my life is through
This I promise you

This I promise you

I've loved you forever
In lifetimes before
And I promise you never
Will you hurt anymore

I give you my word
I give you my heart
This is a battle we've won
And with this vow
Forever has now begun

Just close your eyes
Each lovin' day
And know this feeling won't go away
'Til the day my life is through
This I promise you

This I promise you

Over and over I fall
When I hear you call
Without you in my life, baby
I just wouldn't be living at all

And I will take you in my arms
And hold you right where you belong
'Til the day my life is through
This I promise you ,baby

Just close your eyes
Each lovin' day
and know this feeling won't go away
Every word I say is true
This I promise you
Every word I say is true
This I promise you
I promise you

Current Mood: sad outweighed by love
Saturday, July 14th, 2001
10:13 am
from kryssie to jeremy
At first I was afraid I was petrified
Kept thinkin' I could never live without you by my side;
But then I spent so many nights
Thinkin' how you did me wrong
And I grew strong
And so you're back from outer space
I just walked in to find you here with that sad look upon your face
I should have changed that stupid lock
I should have made you leave your key
If I'd've known for just one second you'd back to bother me
Go on now, go walk out the door
Just turn around now
('cause) you're not welcome anymore
Weren't you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye
Did I crumble
Did you think I'd lay down and die?
Oh no, not.I. I will survive
Oh as long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive;
I've got all my life to live,
I've got all my love to give and I'll survive,
I will survive. Hey hey.
It took all the strength I had not to fall apart
Kept trying' hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart,
And I spent oh so many nights
Just feeling sorry for myself. I used to cry
But now I hold my head up high
And you see me somebody new
I'm not that chained up little person still in love with you,
And so you feel like droppin' in
And just expect me to be free,
Now I'm savin' all my lovin' for someone who's lovin' me
Go on now.. etc.

Current Mood: hopeful
8:45 am
all my old crew is back! and in the sadal once again!!! YAY!!! its been too long!!!...I lost aol back in april and it took this long to meet up with all my old buddies but now all I have to do is wait for Ian to get his tired ass online!!

Current Mood: excited
Monday, July 9th, 2001
10:37 pm
::le swoon::
300 questions.
started at 10:37pm.

1)Name: nic
2)Date of birth?: 062984
3)Sex?: boi
4)Height?: 5'9"
5)Eye color?: blau
6)Weight?: 150?
7)What is the name of the school you go to?: NWSA
8)Hometown?: Charlotte, NC
9)Where were you born?: here
10)Have you ever failed a grade?: nope
11)If you have, what grade did you fail?: - - -
12)Do you have crush on someone?: yes
13)Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
14)What is your boyfriend/girlfriend's name?: shy <3
15)How long have you and your boyfriend/girlfriend been going out?: that day!?
16)What is you and your boyfriend/girlfriend's song(s)?: um id say "every time". right?(yes thats it!!!)
17)Would you have sex before marriage?: yes
18)Have you ever had a crush on any of your teacher's?: yeh, but she was a lesbian >^.^<
20)Do you smoke?: NO!
21)Do you drink?: yes
22)Are you ghetto?: no!
23)Are you a playa?: NONONO!!! HELL FUCKING NO!!
24)What is your favorite color?: blau/green
25)What is your favorite animal?: PUMA!!!
26)What is your favorite song(s)?: "Every Time" and "Its a fine day"
27)What is your favorite movie(s)?: x-men, matrix, the crow, fear and loathing, willow, the craft, big lebowskie.
28)Who is your best friend(s)?: krissy, shy(which make our relationship super stong and wonderful!), and amanda
29)Who do you talk to most online?: shannon<3
30)Who do you talk to most on the phone?: krissy and luna
31)Are you a bum?: not at all
32)Do you get online a lot?: I can only be on from 5 to 12 >>.<<
33)Are you shy/outgoing?: in between!!!
34)Do you shower?: I try to every day
35)Do you hate school?: not this next year
36)Do you have a social life?: yeah
37)Do you trust people easily?: no!!!
38)Have you ever lied to your best friend(s)?: for a good cause. like a surprise.(2nd)
39)Are you a dare devil?: yep!
40)Would you ever sky dive?: I wana!!
41)Do you like to dance?: I do allthetime!!!
42)Which do you like better slow/fast dancing?: ::le liquid::
43)Do you like to swim?: hell yeah!
44)Do you like water?: yep
45)Are you funny?: i am to cheer people up!
46)Are you a serious person?: at work, when I need to be. at home, never
47)Do you make friends easily?: kinda
48)Only answer this question if your a guy...How much can you bench press?: more that 100 less than 1,000,000
49)Also only answer this question if your a guy....How much can you lift( when your lifting weights)?: same
51)Do you have plans for your future?: yep.
52)Do you plan to go to college?: uh-huh!
53)Do you play sports?: soccer
54)Do you like sports?: soccer
55)Who is your favorite actor(s)?: Chritopher Walken
56)Who is your favorite actress(s)?: Clea DuVall
57)Do you like the New York Yankee's?: my mommie does
58)What's your favorite tv show?: Glick, The daily show
59)What radio station(s) do you listen to the most?: Radio is filled with pop bullshit!!
60)Who's your favorite band(s)?: portishead, ani, anything Trance!, kittie, sublime
61)What kind of music do you listen to?: every thing except for country
62)Are you a person who lies a lot?: NO!
63)Do you attend chruch?: only to burn it
64)Do you know what you wanna be when you get older?: DJ.
65)Do you like roller coaster's?: yes, i love them!!!
66)Have you ever been to Disneyworld/Disneyland?: yeah, the one in FL
67)Do you think this survey is dumb?: better than nothing(2nd)
68)Have you ever been out of state?: yes, lots
69)Do you like to travel?: yes, but i hate the time in the car.
70)What's your favorite state(s)?: CA, NY, NJ, AZ
71)Do you think your hometown sucks?: yes, in fact it blows.
71)Do you wanna get out of your hometown?: YUS!!
72)What design/logo is on your mousepad?: it says Compaq
73)What color is your mousepad?: black purple yellow white and blau
74)Which do you perfer..listening to the radio or listening to cd's?: Tsay Days
75)Have you ever gotten high?: no...never...hu-har
76)What's your favorite drink?: white russian
77)Do you like snapple?: yeah
78)Do you drink alot of water?: all the time...I gota pee
79)What toothpaste do you use?: that kind... you know
80)Do you have a cell phone/pager?: nopers
81)Do you collect beany babies?: ohhh yeah...lol, no!
82)Which do you perfer Mickey/Goofy?: Goofy
83)Do you like amusment parks?: not Carowinds
84)Have you ever been to 6 flags?: yupyup
85)What namebrand do you wear the most?: Punkie Dog, my line of cloths >^.^<
86)Do you like Tupac?: I guess so, he was real
87)Do you like Eminem?: kinda
88)Do you like Dre?: sure, why not?
89)Do you like taking picture's?: YEAH!
90)Do you like getting your picture taken?: not usualy
91)Do you have a tan?: NO NEVER!!!
92)Do you get annoyed easily?: by some people
93)What are you hobbies?: LJ, liquid things, Shy<3
94)Do you have your own phone/phone line?: Yup!
95)Do you have your own pool?: I want one!!
96)Do you have any sibling(s)?: yes
97)Do you have any posters/pinups on your bedroom walls?: yesums
98)Are you sick of this survey yet?: no...around 215 I will be
99)Do you get good grades in school?: I try, but I'm lazy
100)Do you get along with your parent's?: not my step dad.
101)How do you vent your anger?: cut >,v.v,< BUT I HAVEN'T BEEN ANGRY RECENTLY...Cept for July 4th
103)Who do you look up to?: Shannon >^.^<
104)What are you favorite flower(s)?: Lotus
105)Have you ever been suspended from school?: yep
106)Have you ever been expelled from school?: naw
107)Do you have any piercings?: SOON!! TOUNG!!!
108)Do you have any tattoos?: not yet cho!
109)What's your favorite holiday?: Jeziz' b-day
110)What's your favorite memory?: I'll tell you latra
111)What's your least favorite memory?: emily...
112)What's your favorite store?: Manifest
113)Do you dream alot?: yesum
114)Do you daydream alot?: yesum
115)Have you had a nightmare lately?: no, because just before it gets bad Shannon comes and saves me >^.^<
116)Which do you perfer -- boxers/briefs?: boxers
117)Do you have any allergies?: not that I know of
118)Do you have any health problem's?: i used to be sick all the time. none physically today. but tumor?
119)Do you like cats?: yes.
120)Do you like dogs?: yes.
121)Do you have any pet(s)?: cats and dogs and frogs and fish
122)Do you have glasses?: yes!!!
123)Do you have braces?: nopum
124)Do you have a job?: YES!!! TODAY WAS MY FIRST DAY!!!
125)Have you ever been fired from a job?: not yet
127)Have you ever been dumped?: ::le cry::
128)Have you ever broke up with any one?: yes
129)Have you ever been played?: yes...::le cry::
130)Have you ever played any one?: NoNOnO!!
131)What is you zodiac sign?: cancer
132)What type of jewelry do you wear?: rings, rubbery bracelets, chains, beads, metal.
133)Which do you wear more -- silver/gold?: silver.
134)Do you a time limit on aol?: yes >,v.v,<
135)Do you have a cerfew?: 11:00 but its a State law
136)Are you a vegeatarian?: no
137)Could you be a vegetarian?: yeah
138)Have you ever thought about suicide?: yes
139)Do you like coffee?: yes
140)Do you have a sweet tooth?: naw.
141)What's your favorite candy?: white chocloelolddsrerg
142)Do you like horror movies?: yes!
143)Do you like to spend/save your money?: spendfast!
144)What's your favorite type of sandwich?: BBQ
145)Do you keep your room clean?: by my standards, yes. by my parents, no.
146)Do you dress good?: I think so
147)Do you eat veggies?: yes.
148)Do you like chinesse food?: yes
149)Do you like spicey food?: yes.
150)Do you like mexican food?: yes.
151)Are you a flirt?: yes
152)Are you good at flirting?: am I?
153)Do you like to go to parties?: yes
154)Do you still go trick or treating?: yes
155)Are you an angel or a lil devil?: depends on who you ask(2nd)
156)Do you get along with people good?: not preps.
157)Have you ever just started dancing in the middle of the mall you go to?: yep!! its fun!
158)Have you ever won anything?: I think so
159)Do you listen to country?: no.
160)Do you like the song " Last Resort"?: no
161)Do you have a waterbed or a regular matress bed?: regular.
162)Do you get bored easily?: yes.
163)Do you play golf?: I'm a golfer but I haven't played.
164)Do you play minature golf?: sometimes
165)Do you like tennis?: playing it yes
166)Are you flexible?: I wana be
167)Are you a sweet heart?: am I?
168)What kind of perfume/colonge do you wear?: pachuly
169) What are your favorite number(s)?: 1,678,432
70)What's your lucky number(s)?: 6/6/6
171)What's your favorite season?: autumn.
172)What's your favorite month(s)?: october
173)Do you plan on getting married when you get older?: yes
174)Do you plan on having children when you get older?: yes. 2 or 3
175)What name's do you got picked out for your future baby girl(s)?: I'll remeber in a little while
176)What name's do you got picked out for your future baby boy(s)?: its gona be olan or somthing cool like that
177)Do you have chapped lips?: when its chapped lip season?
178)Have you ever broken anyone's bones before?: yeah, in Tai Kuan Do
179)Have you ever broken any of your own bones before?: nope
180)Have you ever had stitches before?: yep
181)Have you ever hurt someone intentionally?: yes
182)Have you ever broken any one's heart?: no!
183)Do you believe in God or the Devil?: yeah...right
184)Do you like shopping?: not my favorite thing to do.
185)How many cd's do you own?: a lot..im not about to count!!
186)Who was/is your favorite teacher(s)?: Mrs Lomax(the lesbian)
187)What is your favorite season(s)?: you already asked this. yeah...you did!!!
188)Have you ever been out of the U.S?: no
189)Have you ever been in a car accident?: yeah.
190)Have you ever gotten your ass kicked?: yeah...that'll happen
191)Have you ever been embarrassed in school?: yes
192)Are you a person to start rumors about someone else?: no.
193)Have you ever drank so much that you blacked out?: yes
194)Have you ever hooked any one up before?: yes
195)Have you ever split a relationship up before?: no
196)Have you ever stopped someone from doin something really stupid?: yes.
197)Have you ever gotten into a fight with a teacher(s) before?: yes
198)Are you rude?: i can be.
199)Do you think this survey is long?: no not at all...oh wait, YES!
200)Have any of the questions been repeated at all during this survey?:yes.
201)Is this the longest survey you ever filled out?: maybe
202)Are you bored fillin out this survey?: its serving its purpose
203)Roughly how long has it taken you to get this far?: 40 minutes
204)What is your dream car?: a bobcat with a sadle.
205)What is your dream job?: DJ
206)What is your favorite dream?: my current reoccuring one.
207)What is your favorite cd(s)?: that trance album that Jermainium let me burn
208)Do you sleep wit a stuffed animal?: no, they don't like me
209)Do you collect anything?: souls
210)Do you get along with your family?: no. this was asked already!
211)Who is you favorite family member(s)?: my real dad
212)Which family member(s) do you get along wit the most?: my real dad
213)Are you an organized person?: not at all
214)What phrase do you use the most?: regugitaitatedcumbubble
215)Do you take lonnggg shower's?: yes, very
216)Do you plan on graduating from highschool?: yeah...next year!!!
217)What grade are you in?: upper class 12th senior!
218)Are you energetic?: somtimes.
219)Do you get hyper alot?: yeah.
220)Do you get hyper from eating chocolate?: no.
221)Do you like hot chocolate?: yes
222)Do you have manners?: only around people
223)Do you put on a front for your boyfriend/girlfriend's parents?: n/a
224)Do you put on a front for anyone?: no!
225)Do you iceskate?: I have, a long time ago
226)Do you rollerskate/rollerblade?: a long time ago
227)Do you like the snow?: yes.
228)Do you like the beach?: yes.
229)Which do you perfer,swimming in a pool or swimming in the ocean?: ocean
230)Can you draw good?: yes
231)Do you have alot of ex's?: i can't tell...whats alot? 40? 1000? 7?
232)Do you have anyone blocked online?: no.
233)Do you get into alot of fights?: no
234)Do you run your mouth?: not around old people, hu-har
235)Are you good at keeping secrets?: if i want to.
236)Can people trust you?: some.
237)Do you have cable in your room?: in me and my brother's personal living room, yes.
238)Do you speak your mind?: sometimes.
239)Do you watch the Disney channel?: no.
240)Do you watch MTV?: no.
241)Do you watch BET?: no.
242)What do you think of Carson Daily?: whos that?.
243)Do you like Nelly?: no
246)Do you think this survey is long?: yes.
247)Do you have alot of self-confidence?: no
248)Do you cry alot?: yes
249)Do you cry if you don't get your way?: no.
250)Are you spoiled?: no
251)Are you a brat?: no.
252)Do you get whateva you want?: no
253)Do you have to work for what you want?: always
254)Do you listen to sappy song(s)?: some i guess
255)Do you go into chatrooms alot?: ULRPG
256)What is your e-mail address?: pearpixie@aol.com
257)Are you sick of this survey yet?: yep...at 215 it started to just get....boring?
258)Do you like eeyore: yes, PLUR, with exception to emeil
259)Do you like cartoons?: anime
260)Who is your favorite cartoon character?: Luna and Artimise's daughter, from Salior Moon
261)Do you get in trouble alot?: yes
262)Have you ever gotten in trouble wit the cops before?: yep, but I tricked them into liking me! hu-har
263)What time is it now?: 11:25pm
264)Have you ever lied to a cop?: yes
265)Have you ever been in love?: yes, i am right now ::le Shy::
266)Have you ever been in love soo much it made you cry?: yes
267)Have you ever cried over someone?: yes
268)Do you have a lot of trustworthy friends?: my close ones
269)Are you a trustworthy person?: I think I am.
270)Do you wear alot of jewlery?: usualy but for work I only have on one bracelet, the one that Kryssie gave me.
271)What kind of jewlery do you wear?: i'm not repeating myself again.(2nd)
273)Is your belly button, an innie or an outie?: innie.
274)What's your favorite ice cream?: mint or cookie dough or mocha swirl
275)What's your favorite day?: friday
276)What's your favorite thing to do on the weekend?: rave
277)Do you like cherry coke?: yea
278)Do you like Sprite?: yes
279)Do you know what moutain dew does to your body?: it makes you grow 2 extra arms that come out of your ass!!!
280)Do you like cherries?: yes!
281)Do you like strawberries?: yes!
282)Do you like kool-aid?: yes
283)What's your favorites kool-aid flavor?: cherry
284)What's your favorite snapple flavor?: Rasbarry Kiwi!!
285)Do you like pie?: some
286)Do you like gettin' dirty?: uh...that could be taken too many ways...
287)Do you like ice tea?: yeah.
288)Have you seen " Scary Movie" yet?: yes
289)If you have, then what is your favorite part of the movie?: none
290)Where's your favorite place to vacation?: beach
291)If you had a chance would you move out of your hometown?: yes!
292)Do you like reading books?: yeah
293)Do you like reading magazines?: not especially
294)Do you believe in fate?: to a degree
295)Do you believe in Love at First Sight?: yeah
296)Do you play video games?: yes
297)Have you ever streaked?: yes
298)Have you ever skipped school?: yes usually
299)Have you ever been skinny dipping?: yes
300)Do you believe in yourself?: i try

now 11:29pm.

Current Mood: in love
Sunday, July 8th, 2001
12:53 pm
1. Name you wish you were born with:
- nic...thats my name and I like it, yup yup!!!

2. Star sign:
- Cancer...I DUN WANA GO TO JAIL!!! >,v.v,<

3. What will you name your kids?
- grrl: theres was this awsome name I saw once...I'll see it again!!!
- boi: Olan, er somthing kick ass like that

4. Age:
- 17. My birthday is Jun29th.

5. Age you act:
- I act like...ummm...differant!! hu-har!

6. Age you wish you were:
- 23 would be devine

7. Shoe size:
- 10

8. Waist size:
- 30 somthing...34 I think but I duno...

9. Bra size (if applicable):
- I have no boobies!!!

10. Condom size (if applicable):
- the kind in the box...fuckifIknow!!!

11. Eye colour:
- Sky Blue...er thats what people tell me

12. Hair length:
- short...I need to get it cut today!!!

13. Hair colour:
- OOO OOO!!! brown but its gona be blue whenever I get $100!!

14. Height:
- 5'9"

15. Weight:
- I have no idea...maybe 150-60...fuckifIknow!!!

16. If you could be any animal what would it be?

17. If you could fuck any movie star?
- movie star movie star...hmmmm...that one from that movie!!! OH OH!! Clea Duvall!!!

18. If you could be in any movie?
- The Crow!!!

19. If you could be any character in a book?
- he vampire Louis

20. If you could meet anyone in the world-living or not:
- uuuhhh have to be shy because I love that grrl and I can't wait to see her

21. Job?
- I GOT ONE!! I WORK AT SoutherCountryBBQ!!! I'm A cashier!!!

22. Job you wish you had:
- DJ on Ibiza!!!

23.If you could be in a band which one would it be:
- me, on, Ibiza!!!

24. Who's on your hate list:
- emily osborne...skanylittlslutwhore!

25. Favorite sexual position:
- anything that can get a grrl to have an intence orgasm before the guy

26. Favorite sexual partner:
- ...

27. Favorite place to have sex:
- In the back of a high speed car that could crash at any moment!!! now that'd be fun!

28. Most unusual place you've fucked:
- a couch at a bar

29. Most unusual place you want to fuck:
- the fast car!!!!

30. Dirtiest place you've fucked:
- emily...

31. Most crowded place:
- bar, that'd suck if it was emily but thank jezis it wasnt

32. Worst nightmare:
- the one about my grandma not knowing that grimlin live in her house!!!

33. Do you read porn?
- [sarcasm] Me and my step dad sit down and read it together...hu-har [/sarcasm]

34. Do you read the articles?
- sure, why not?

35. Just look at the pictures:

36. Are you single?
- nopenopenope

37. Do you want to be?
- NO!! I love that grrl!!

38. Do you believe in god?
- no, does god belive in me? no again?

39. Satan:

40. Santa:
- my mom is fucking santa clause. under the christmas tree.(My mom too!!! Santa is a hoe!)

41. The easter bunny?
- I think her porks my brother! EEP!!

42. Whats the last present that someone gave you:
- umm...ooh ooh shy said i love you and that's all I need!

43. Whats the last present you gave someone?
- I dun remeber

44. Did you make the person earn it through sexual favors?
- absolutly

45. Why not?
- huh? I thaought I said "sure"

46. Which movie was worse Battlefield Earth or Dungeons and Dragons?
- I haven't seen either one >,v.v,<

47. Which would you rather drown or be burnt alive?
- drown

48. What's your greatest fear?
- rejection and </3>^.^

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, July 7th, 2001
11:32 pm
Today has been very quick, I wanted it to go slower because I'm at Kryssie's place and we'er chillin' and I wana call <3 Shy cause I wana hear her vioce, its so beu-T-ful!!! I love her so much...I wana hold her so badly!!!
I love you Shannon, I love you so fucking much!!!

Current Mood: In love
12:55 am
this one looks interesting
01. Smoked? I have...EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
02. Been "drunk as hell"? recently
03. Screwed someone of the opposite sex? yes
04. Screwed someone of the same sex? no
05. Shoplifted? uh-huh!! >^.^<
06. Lied? ya gota do what ya gota do
07. Betrayed a friend? thats somthing I just don't do
08. been to jail? nope
09. Smoked weed? mmmmmmm yeah
10. Done LSD? now and then
11. Done any other illegal drug? damn right
12. Given oral sex? peaches and cream...yum!
13. Received oral sex? on a few occasions
14. Screwed another species? hell no!!!!!!!!!
15. Screwed an inanimate object? as in... a corpse??? hell no!!!!!!!!!
16. Been cheated on? yes...::le hurted::
17. Used someone? NO!!! I was almost used but I got away! GO ME!!!
18. Paid for sex? I hope I never get like that!
19. Been paid for sex? no, but I've had offers
20. Played strip poker? kinda
21. Skipped school? yes
22. Skipped school to get high/drunk? yep yep
23. Danced naked? YES!
24. Danced naked in public? I will...one day!
25. Flashed someone? sure, why not?
26. Mooned someone? yup yup yup
27. Kissed someone? yes
28. Kissed someone of the same sex? yes, recently too...hu-har
29. Held hands? yes, what...is that odd??
30. Hugged someone? yes, is that odd too??
31. French kissed? yes, but what the fuck???
32. Had sexual fantasies? yes, I am human...i think!
33. Had gay/lesbian fantasies? yes, many!!!
34. Stolen money? yep
35. Stolen money from family? I've never been caught
36. Stolen drugs from family? pot from my brother
37. Been convicted of a crime? no, I don't get caught!!
38. Dated someone because you heard they were "easy"? no, it was too late when I found out >,v.v,<
39. Had someone date you because they thought you were "easy"? yeah...that easy person...grrrrrrr
40. Been called a "whore"? yes...plenty of times...do you think I'm a whore?
41. Been called a "bitch"? yes...but am I?
42. Watched porn? yes, sad sad stuff though
43. Taped porn? ummm, not yet
44. Watched porn you taped? no
45. Kissed someone in a moving vehicle? yes, they was a driving too >^.^<
46. Screwed someone in a moving vehicle? just oral
47. Used sex toys? no...hmmm...no
48. Tried to kill yourself? when I was 2 or 3 I tried to leap out of my crip and plumit tho the ground...needless to say, I lived...damn
49. Tried to kill someone else? no, but I've thought about it
50. Told someone you hated them? yes!!!

Current Mood: giddy
12:51 am
Gray glitter
go go!! if and if!! join join!!


My community!!! >^.^

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, July 5th, 2001
6:59 pm
thank you <3 Shy for another survey >^.^
01. full name: Jason Nichloas Ferri
02. nicknames: nic, *Teddinic*, logan, Gambit
03. screen name[s]: Xo SoHo Ox(aim) Pearpixie [aol]
04. sex: boi
05. birthday: 062984
06. zodiac sign: cancer
07. birthplace: CLT, NC
08. hospital where you were born: Presbitirian
09. residence: CLT, NC
10. school: North West School of the Arts
11. height: 5'9"
12. hair color: brown (soon to be bright blue!)
13. eye color: sky blue

* The Crush Side *
14. crush: Shy<3
15. first person you dated: dun remember
17. if you could go out with anyone in the world, who would it be?: Ooo definitly, ya know...that wonderful riot grrl, Shy ;-*

18. when and who was your first crush?: a girl called Leslie, I dun remember when.
19. what do you first notice about a person you are attracted to ?: fragrence, or aura
20. your idea of a perfect date: not at a food place!!! sitting in a field watching the clouds...::le <3 Shy::
21. how romantic are you? [1-10]: I have no idea...I just do things...
22. ideal person: Boy: not actualy a male...guys are dicks!!! Girl: spuratic and Shannon...oops I mean...colorful.

* The Past Side *
23. memory [thing] you miss most: My old house!
24. thing you regretted most after you had done it: emily...::shudder cringe vomit::
25. memory you would like to forget: emily...::shudder cringe vomit::
26. what did you do yesterday? [just curious]: got drunk almost fucked up.
27. last person you talked to on the phone: Kryssie
28.last song you listened to: "Every Time"

* The Future Side *
29. future school: gona graduate from NWSA!!!
30. occupation now: Cashregister at a BBQ place
31. dream car: a fucking tank!!!
32. children: not violent like my cousin Gabe!!!
33. future son's name: Cyan, or Bonn
34. future daughter's name: Lilly, or Violet
35. honeymoon: somewhear warm
36. where will you live?: LA, Abiza, or San Fran
37. Future Occupation?: Pro DJ on Abiza!

* The Favorites Side *
38. food: black cherrys
39. snack: whitechocolate dipped strawberries mmmm
40. drink: coffee, mocha, smoothies
41. thing to wear: BIG blue pants, tight blue long sleve shirt, blue angel wings
42. commercial: I can't think of any >,v.v,<
43. tv show: Who Wants To Be a Millionair!, that 70's show, Friends
44. movie: Fear and Loathing, Big Lebowskie, The Crow, X-Men...etc
45. disney movie: Alice in Wonderland
46. cd: my new Trance CD
47. singer: Frank Sinatra
48. weekend activity: Party or Rave
49. day of the week: Friday
50. month: July
51. season: Fall
52. color: blue, blue, and blue
53. magazine: DJ pro source
54. book: any of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice
55. holiday: Halloween/Witches New Year
56. number: 26
57. ice cream flavor: Mocha Fuge Swirl
58. vegetable: Carrott
59. cereal: Frosted Miniwheats
60. cookie: sugar
61. fruit: pears, cherries, strawberries, oranges!
62. animal: cats, dog, rats,
63. Flower: Sun/Moonflower, black roses, lilly
64. phrase to overuse: That is right
65. toothpaste: I have no idea...ummm. Crest Whitnining
66. candy: starburst, pixie-Styx
67. teacher: Mrs. Lomax!!!!
68. school subject: Scince, Art
69. restaurant: La Paz
70. channel: TechTV and the HBOs and Cinimaxes
71. station: radio is full of mainstream pop bullshit!
72. type of music: Techno, ALLLLLL forms!!!
73. shampoo/conditioner: Herbal Essence
74. perfume/cologne: Pachouly
75. song: "Every Time", "Trickle Down" - Ani DeFranco, "Its a Fine Day"
76. music video: Kittie - "Charlotte", Kittie - "Brackish"
77. sport: Fencing
78. website: http://www.livejournal.com
79. people to talk to online: <3 Shy, Kryssie, Luna
80. relative: Grandma, uncle Guy
81. hangout: abandon wearhouses
82. vacation spot: Asheville
83. friend: Kryssie! <3 Shy! Luna!
85. disney character: Alice
86. warner brothers character: Daffy

Lets Skip a Few.... if you insist
110. boy OR girl: grrl???
111. day OR night: night
112. dog OR cat: cat
113. pen OR pencil: pencil
114. underwear OR boxers: boxers
115. in college OR in high school: neither?
116. deaf OR blind: blind
117. hug OR kiss: both!
118. adidas OR nike: Morbid Threads
119. nautica OR tommy: um.. ew
120. *n sync, bsb, OR 98?: thay alllllll suck ass!!!
121. brandy OR monica: they suck...THEM ^!!!
122. mc donalds or burger king: McDonalds
123. peanut butter OR jelly: jelly
124. coke OR pepsi: pepsi
125. boxers OR briefs: boxers!!
126. matt OR ben: matt
127. mtv OR vh1: vh1
128. vanilla OR chocolate: vanilla
129. flowers OR candy: flowers
130. chicken nuggets OR chicken fingers: nuggets
131. apples OR oranges: oranges!!!
132. dawson's creek OR felicity: whats is that??? a STD???
133. real world OR road rules: Road Rules!!!!!!!!
134. romantic comedy OR horror: Horror!
135. book OR magazine: book
136. tape OR cd: CD
137. tv OR radio: TV
138. is the glass half full OR half empty?:
Shy: I'm not thristy
Nic: Me either

* The Believe In or Not Side *
139. love at first sight: YES
140. angels: no
141. aliens: yes
142. Heaven & Hell?: no
143. God: no!
144. yourself: somtimes

* The Have You Ever Side *
145. been on a plane: yep
146. cried in public: yep
147. climbed a tree: dur!
148. fell asleep in a movie theatre: yep
149. met a celebrity: lots
150. met the president: NO, y would i want to?(2nd)
151. been scared to get a shot: nope
152. gotten a cavity: a few...ICKY!!!
153. shopped at abercrombie & fitch: NEVER!!!
154. had an online relationship: uh sorta...
155. said, "i love you," and meant it: I thought so...
156. made prank calls: Yes!
158. loved somebody so much it made you cry: uh-huh...::le cry::
159. gone to a theme park and checked out all the hotties? thats the stupidist ting...checking people out...ugh...it dosn't get any worse...::le cry:: FUCK YOU!!!!

Current Mood: tired
11:43 am
I'm sorry
...I broke a promise...Kryssie, I need to talk to you, and I REALLY REALLY need to talk to <3 Shy, because its been to long and I miss her so so so so so so much, and even still "every time I close my eyes I see your face." I'm so out of it...I'm very depressed because I got drunk last night (4th of july) and thought ALOT...I need your guys reallybad right now...I'm really sorry, but I cut up my arm...not really deep but theres a little mark...well lots of little marks...I need you guys REALLY REALLY REALLY bad!!! I need to hear Shy's amazing voice, or at least her bling bling...but untill I can gat in contact with you 2 its ::le cry:: for me..

Myxx-e Out


Current Mood: gloomy
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